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Autumn Pups 2013

Autumn was bred to McCallen during the middle of December 2012.

An X-ray was done on Thursday, February 14 and it shows 4 large puppies to be born about Monday, February 18th.

Happy days are here again! Autumn delivered 4 healthy puppies during the afternoon of Sunday, February 17, 2013. She had 1 boy named Granite, the smallest of the litter at 5.35oz, then came the big 8.65oz girl Quartz, followed by another girl weighing 7.15oz named Slate and rounding out the litter was Marble the third girl coming in at 6.8oz. Momma and all the puppies (1 boy and 3 girls) are doing well.

Birth – The first puppy pile picture.

Everyone is thriving during this first week of life with everyone doubling their weight. There was also a surprise edition to the litter during the week, a good friend recently had a single Airedale puppy whose mother was not producing milk. So, Autumn being the great Momma she is gladly accepted Swanie into the litter and has been treating her as one of her own.

Week 1

Week 2 – Quartz

Week 3 – First playing picture.

Week 4 – Playing together like angels..

Week 5 – Look at how cute I am says Granite.

Week 6 – Slate.

Week 7 – Oh so cute…..

Week 8 – Dreaming of being outside.