Chardy Pups 2009

Chardonnay was bred to CH. Shamrock’s Red Irish Bailey during the middle of June 2009.

Here is the X-ray taken on Thursday, August 6, 2009, the circles show the 5 yes 5 puppies.

This is Jack, the sire to the expected puppies.

Birth – whelped via a c-section there were 2 boys (Koloda and Mojito) and 3 girls (Daquiri, Sangria and Julep)

Puppy pile – Week 1

Just hanging around – Week 2

Eyes opened and walking towards the open gate – Week 3

The big boy, Mojito at Week 4

Feeding time or at least learning how to eat from a bowl – Week 5.

Cousin Autumn playing with Sangria – Week 6.

Playtime is just so much fun, but watch out for the sharp teeth – Week 7.

The final puppy pile – Week 8.